Adam Davis

Legal Advisor & Licensed FA Agent

Adam is a practising Barrister, having been called to the Bar in 1985.

In the 1980's, Adam played in the Ryman League Premier Division for Wingate and Finchley FC, where he was presented with the Young Player of the Year Award in 1982. Adam’s son, Alex, played for our senior Pro Touch Soccer Academy squad and has recently been signed by his father’s old club.

Adam was a member of the Sports Disputes Resolution Panel, the professional body charged with conducting the Football Association Disciplinary Tribunals. He is now a registered lawyer with the Football Association and also works part time as a football agent, helping to protect the interests of PTSA players in professional football.

Adam played a key role in negotiating the contracts for Ex. PTSA youngsters Eurico Sebastiao and Jordan Samuels-Palmer to Nottingham Forest FC, with the duo signing to Pro Touch Management in early 2011.

Adam Davis
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