Ash Rahman

CEO & Founder

Ash started PTSA in 2006, determined to create opportunities for gifted young footballers in London to prove themselves within the professional game. He wanted to create an environment in which the most promising players could fine-tune their talents, grow their understanding of the game and ultimately develop into professional footballers.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the game, Ash has coached some of the most gifted and talented young prospects that Camden and Islington has to offer, including Abdul Koysor, Leon Fisher and Sam Oji, who have all played at a variety of professional clubs.

Away from coaching, Ash’s role as Academy Director has helped him gain a great understanding of management and sports media, with the academy receiving coverage from the BBC, ITV and even a meeting with former Prime Minster, Tony Blair.

Over 10 years on from starting the academy, Ash still harbours a passion and desire to help talented young Londoner’s achieve their dreams.

Ash Rahman
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