Dmitry Stepin

Financial Administrator

Dmitry Stepin AKA Dimo, or just D. I have joined PTSA in 2021 as Financial Administrator.
Job responsibility mainly include accounting software management, budgeting, and financial reporting.

Dmitry  achieved First Class Hons at London Metropolitan University for Accounting and Finance.

Dmitry joined  for Pro Touch SA the organisation Aim and Objectivities go in line with what Dmitry valueS in life.

It also allowed me to do something which Dmitry loveS, such as finance and working with kids.
In 21st century the most important skill to have is communication, and this skill essential
for both, work and personal life.

Pro Touch SA has  allowed Dmitry to improve the skill by introducing him to a wide diverse people working within the organisation.

Dmitry Stepin
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