Zahid Hossain

Academy Director

Zahid is a coach, youth worker,  project manager, and administrator.

He plays a vital role in keeping PTSA running smoothly. His vast experience with the academy helps to make sure we deliver the best programme we can for our young players. 

He has planned and attend several  major European youth tournaments such as the
Dana Cup, Cup No.1,Iber Cup Estoril & Iber Cup Scandinavia. Zahid played a key role in several of our most successful European tours.

He has 16 years of coaching experience worked with several of our most exciting players who are now at Academies such as Fulham, QPR, and Crystal Palace respectively,

Zahid is MBA, BSc (Hons) qualified and holds an FA Level Two, FA Youth Module 1 & 2 and 3  is currently finishing off his UEFA B project.

Aside from his role as Academy Director, Zahid currently oversees the Camden Youth League (CYL) and an Assistant Coach to the current U15 side at the academy.

Outside of football Zahid used to work as Freelancer Digital Producer with 20 years of experience, working with major blue-chip companies.

Zahid Hossain
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