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Who we are

Pro Touch SA (PTSA)

PTSA is an organisation which was established in February 2006 and marks its 14th Anniversary in 2020.

The charitable social enterprise that manages both the Academy and Community programmes across London. As a not-for-profit organisation, we re-invest all profit back in to the programmes we operate across London. The organisation is run by London based sports (football) professionals as well as and youth-friendly people, the staff and management are highly skilled and offer a variety of experience. They range from Football Association (FA) coaches to qualified youth, sports and fitness workers from the fields of school education and sports management.

The Team

Aim of the Academy

Pro Touch SA has been set up to deliver two key agendas:

The first is to help, support and encourage potential young, gifted and talented football players. PTSA wants to create and give opportunities for these young people to access "the bridge and experience to professional football";

The second aim is to work under the Pro Touch Community (PTC) umbrella towards the Government’s five key points:

  1. Be healthy
  2. Stay safe
  3. Enjoy and achieve
  4. Make a positive contribution
  5. Achieve economic well-being
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