Pro Touch SA


George Bale

Youth and Sports Assistant

George is a devoted professional coach with a deep passion for guiding, nurturing, and mentoring young individuals from underprivileged backgrounds in the community youth and sports sector. His drive is fueled by a competitive spirit and a commitment to enhancing the abilities of others in their daily pursuits, along with supporting them in achieving a healthy lifestyle and positive mental well-being. George's journey commenced as a volunteer in a primary school setting, grounded in a sporting background that includes Football, Basketball, and Boxing.

His association with Pro Touch SA began when he volunteered at the age of 17, fueled by a genuine affection for grassroots football. Over the years, he has evolved to assume the role of head coach for the U16s in the Hackney Marshes League, accumulating four years of experience within the Elite Academy. Furthermore, George actively contributes to Community Sessions conducted in London schools and community projects, where he leads sports activities such as Football, Basketball, and various multisport programs for community members. His coaching expertise also extends to coaching SEND football for individuals aged 16 and older.

Coming from the London Borough of Hackney, football has been a fundamental part of his life since his early years. He sees himself as a coach who consistently draws out the best in a player, provided they are driven to improve. He believes that all his players view him as a mentor and role model. His ultimate coaching aspiration is to one day work in the Premier League and eventually advance within the football industry to contribute at an international level, particularly with the England National Teams.