Pro Touch SA


Community Mission Statement

Access to all

Pro Touch SA believes in inclusion and “access to all' and uses the power of sport to engage with young people in over 10 London boroughs including Camden, Enfield, Islington and Westminster.

With the lack of and closure of a number of services and initiatives across the city, we have taken responsibility to provide much of the needed services around community, youth and sport. We also took a proactive step durng Covid-19 and the subsequent national lockdowns in 2020 and 2021.

Our programmes allow us to work closely with young people to not only encourage social inclusion and healthy living, but workshops which tackle important issues such as drugs awareness, gang violence as well as equipping them with knowledge of financial independence and learning new skills.

We deliver community youth and sports activities, programmes and projects across the year - running sessions in youth clubs, holiday and half-term programmes as well as sports camps and taster sessions to activities and opportunities which would normally be considered out-of-reach for most communities. We have also designed online programmes and sessions as well as organising food parcels for those in need.

Our aim is to provide healthy active lifestyle opportunities to young people and give them the best opportunity to excel in their chosen paths.