Pro Touch SA


Jacob Duffy

Elite Academy Football Coach

Jacob recently made the move to London from Sheffield, where he had been actively volunteering. He is the holder of an FA Level One Coach certification and is genuinely excited about the prospect of contributing to the academy's mission to elevate athlete performance.

Throughout his coaching journey, Jacob has cultivated a profound comprehension of training and development strategies aimed at optimizing player potential. He has engaged in various roles and generously volunteered as a coach in both Nevada and Sheffield, significantly refining his communication skills and accumulating invaluable experience while working with diverse age groups.

Jacob's coaching approach places a significant emphasis on passing and pressing football, with a special focus on ensuring that young players derive pleasure from the sport. His commitment lies in enhancing players' technical prowess while also highlighting the essential skill of manoeuvring time and space on the field. As the coach for the combined Under 6s and 7s, he is dedicated to establishing a positive and competitive atmosphere that nurtures teamwork, self-improvement, and personal growth. Jacob's objective is to offer them a platform for enjoyment, positivity, and individual creativity, all within a secure and supportive environment.