Pro Touch SA


Jawad Dar

Senior Operations Manager

Jawad joined PTSA in late May 2021 as part of the Government Kick Start Scheme, where he assumed the role of Data Analyst with a strong emphasis on financial matters.

Within his capacity, Jawad assumes leadership in various programs, commencing from the grant application phase, encompassing program design and explanation of the underlying necessity, extending to budgeting, monitoring, and post-delivery reporting. He also carries the responsibility for overseeing the financial aspects and expenditures related to community programs and PTSA's Elite Academy, under the guidance of Zahid Hossain, the Academy Director. Capitalizing on his role as a data analyst, Jawad plays an essential role in the collection, organization, and presentation of data pertaining to PTSA's program delivery, finances, and outcomes.

Moreover, Jawad has overseen the execution of Camden's and other London Authorities' Holiday Activities & Food (HAF) programs, which were hosted at several local primary schools. This represents one of our most extensive community offerings.

In 2022, he earned a well-deserved promotion and joined the Pro Touch SA CIC Senior Management Team, now being one of four influential individuals steering the organization forward.