Pro Touch SA


Keji Adebari

Elite Academy Football Coach

Keji is a dedicated and passionate individual deeply committed to sports and coaching. Highly skilled in working with young athletes, fostering teamwork, and enhancing both physical and mental development. Currently, I hold a Level 1 FA badge and a Level 3 Diploma in Sports Science, which I pursued for two years in college.

In September 2023, I became a part of Pro Touch SA with the goal of not only elevating the quality of football but also enhancing my own knowledge and expertise as a coach. I have been actively coaching for the past 11 months, effectively managing my time across two different clubs.

Throughout my coaching sessions, you will clearly see my unwavering determination and dedication to ensure that the young athletes under my guidance consistently improve over time. My primary objective is to facilitate the all-round development of the kids I coach, both in terms of their playing abilities and their physical and mental growth.