Pro Touch SA


Marcos Gomez

Head of Coaching

Marcos Gomez, our esteemed Head of Coaching. Armed with a Master's degree in Teaching and boasting an impressive 13-year coaching career, Marcos is a true asset to our team. His expertise spans across international borders, having completed the UEFA B course in Spain and contributed to the technical department of Global Premier Soccer in Boston.

For the past 8 years, Marcos has honed his coaching skills in the UK, where he's not only coached but also taken on the role of mentoring fellow coaches. His commitment to nurturing talent is further demonstrated by his involvement in a prominent Primary School, where he's played a pivotal role in shaping the development and education of students.

Marcos's coaching journey has been marked by diverse experiences, having worked with various age groups from U8 to U23 in different academies across Spain, the USA and the UK. His coaching philosophy centres around helping players to achieve their full potential, while his dedication to cultivating an understanding of the game sets him apart. As a seasoned educator, mentor, and coach, Marcos is dedicated to empowering players and coaches alike, making him an invaluable leader in our coaching team.

 Barista with expertise in specialty coffee, currently employed by Gather and Gather, based at University College London. He has been a part of the coffee industry since 2017.