Pro Touch SA


Mus Turay

Director of Operations

Mustapha is affectionately referred to as the "Special One" by his peers, a fitting nickname considering his resilient and determined journey that began when he first ventured into football in his native Sierra Leone.

Upon his relocation to England, his father encouraged him to complete his education and pursue a law degree. Mustapha heeded this advice and obtained a degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Luton. His dedication and leadership qualities were further acknowledged when he was elected as a sabbatical officer, holding the role of Vice President 'Education and Representation.' In this capacity, he managed the Student Union Advice Centre and provided information and guidance to fellow students.

Since his inception into the PTSA backroom staff in 2007, Mustapha has achieved notable success, including securing victory in the One Youth Cup with the Pro Touch Community under-12s and the One Euro Youth Cup with both the U13s and U15s. Mustapha has obtained a UEFA C License coaching qualification.

In 2009, he successfully passed his Football Association Agent exam. Presently, he dedicates most of his time to working abroad, overseeing various community and football-related projects and programs, including those in Sierra Leone and other neighbouring African regions.